Eric Mallon: Tales from Magnolia Ave.

Eric Mallon: Tales from Magnolia Ave.
Title: Tales from Magnolia Ave.
Label: CD Baby

'There's rocks in that there sandbox, son!' ' The L.A. scene sits in the V.I.P section of the Philly suburbs?' Beach Rock, not surf rock...can you tell the difference? 'A full emotional carousel on the musical Boardwalk - you'll remember that long lost love, you'll forget your day job, and when you finally take your shoes off to enjoy the sand at your feet, the music of Eric Mallon will be in your head tugging at one of your senses.'

1.1 This August Night (Lady Angeline)
1.2 Guardian Angel
1.3 Just Wonder
1.4 Right My Soul
1.5 No Secrets
1.6 Her Name Is Rain
1.7 Whisper
1.8 Invisible
1.9 Somebody Has You
1.10 Tired Eyes
1.11 Standing a Mile from the Sun
1.12 You'll Come Back

Eric Mallon: Tales from Magnolia Ave.

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