Eric Ruppel

Eric Ruppel: Bedposts Running Circles

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Eric Ruppel

Title: Bedposts Running Circles
Label: CD Baby

Kentucky-based Eric Ruppel is an enthusiastic young musician with evocative lyrics, a developed personal style, and a comfortable stage presence. He especially loves performing and always manages to play a song that makes everyone think "I haven't heard that in years!" Before he ever really picked up a guitar he learned percussion. He can handle just about everything in the back of the orchestra (especially the mallet percussion instruments) and was classically trained throughout middle and high school. Towards the end of middle school he began to sing and play the guitar, which opened up worlds. Since then, he's also taken up some piano, bass, and has aspirations to learn cello. Eric started writing his own music, starting out with "love" and "relationships" (it was middle school, after all), then throughout the years progressing onto more mature topics i.e. The loss of a grandparent and the mystical nature of God. Sometimes he likes to leave words out entirely and let music take a few minutes to speak for itself. Good instrumental music is entirely too hard to find these days because so many artists concentrate on the marketability of cheap words and three-chord guitar progressions, rather than the quality of the music itself. Eric prefers each song to present a different way to write lyrics and offer a new technique to employ on his strings. Eric's first album, Bedposts Running Circles, was recorded in it's entirety over a span of three days. He is proud to say that he played every instrument (except the jaw harp, for which a friend stepped in). Bedposts Running Circles is mostly a group of some of his older songs that he wanted to put down in the studio. At the beginning and end of the album there's a small conversation from the studio, which he feels gives the whole album a more personal, one-on-one approach to the listener. The album is, as a whole, a contemplative look at different stages of life, from a thunderstorm to a walk in the woods, from misguided decisions to gender miscommunication, from the first ray of sunlight each morning to "The Last Chorus." Since releasing that album last year, he's fiddled around with some home recording and has a brand new, yet-untitled demo CD available at his shows. In a few words, Eric's music explores a variety of techniques and genres, but always holds a common theme-that it doesn't take much more than an acoustic guitar and a couple lines to say anything one could ever want to say, as long as one speaks carefully.

1.1 Untitled!
1.2 The Cabin
1.3 Overture for Morning
1.4 Letters Never Sent
1.5 Requiem
1.6 Battles of the Sexes
1.7 Insomnia
1.8 This Illusion
1.9 The Last Chorus
1.10 [Untitled]

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