Eric Van Aro

Eric Van Aro: Desert Motel EP

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Eric Van Aro

Title: Desert Motel EP
Label: CD Baby

It has been three years since Eric Van Aro released new music but as they say, good things come to those who wait. Friends was released in 2005 to worldwide acclaim and the new EP Desert Motel is a sure bet to follow in the wake of that success. The Italian/German born artist has used his time wisely in between releases and the final result is five classic tracks of pop-jazz showcasing Van Aro's talents as a pure entertainer and vocalist that manages to stay one step ahead of his contemporaries. Desert Motel takes the singer to new heights and the recording will most certainly please his growing fan base and reach out to find a new audience that appreciates independent artists and originality. Desert Motel kicks off with the classic Blind Faith tune "Can't Find My Way Home." Only versatile and experienced vocalist like Van Aro can take a time-tested song and make it his own with a typically warm and stylish approach. The track sets the table for the following four tracks and each one maintains it's own identity with clarity and purpose. "The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress", "4 & 20" and "On The Road Medley" round out the EP with the live bonus track "Is It Love That We're Missing." Van Aro does not offer up any surprises or strange changes in direction, what he does do quite well is to consistently record tracks that are both pleasing and accessible to a wide audience of different ages and tastes. Listening to Van Aro is like taking a course in Indie 101 with a follow up class on delivering contemporary pop with a jazz twist. Alexander Budd co-producer and the recording engineer on some of the tracks is Eric's younger brother. Luca Zamponi (arranger and guitarist "On the Road Medley" which includes Pat Metheny's "last train home") served as a pupil and collaborator of Metheny in Italy and remain good friends to this day. There are always many factors and special people that find their way down the same path to make a project what it is. Desert Motel was no exception.

1.1 I Can't Find My Way Home
1.2 The Moon's a Harsh Mistress
1.3 4 ; 20
1.4 A Little Travelling Music Please
1.5 Is It Love That We're Missing

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