Eric13: Eric Thirteen & Johnny Richie

Eric13: Eric Thirteen & Johnny Richie
Title: Eric Thirteen & Johnny Richie
Label: CD Baby

Eric13 created the "Whiskey Bendin' Cowboys" band to bring to life his elaborate fantasy world of Gunslingers & Sheriffs, late night rockers, back alley rollers, lovers & fighters and lonely prairie riders. The songs are Outlaw Country Rock and Roll Soul and Blues, and every one of them is a true story. "If I sing it - I lived it." - says he. Eric13 is on tour now, worldwide and forever. Mr. Johnny Richie was born in the shadows of the world famous Indianapolis Motor Speedway. This hot roddin' hound dog has picked his guitar around the world from New York to Nashville, Philly to Finland and back again in time for last call. He's now joined forces with eric13, his Rock N Roll brother from another mother, together shaping the sound of new American Underground. Eric13 & Johnny Richie have a brand new self titled album coming out June 13, 2013 and are hitting the road immediately to play it live for YOU!

1.1 Can't Get Enough of This Rocknroll Business - Eric13
1.2 Friday Night
1.3 Man Without a Home
1.4 You Somethin'
1.5 Untitled
1.6 Know Your Man
1.7 Darla Rose
1.8 Jealous Guy

Eric13: Eric Thirteen & Johnny Richie

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