Eric Manning

Eric Manning: Lowest One (Next to Me)

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Artist: Eric Manning

Artist: Eric Manning
Title: Lowest One (Next to Me)

'The Lowest One, (Next To Me),' is Erin Manning's first album of original material. Each song features her comedic edge, complicated arrangements, quirky vocal stylings, memorable riffs, and clever lyrics, making them more than just typical love songs by a female singer/songwriter. Grounded in a strong jazz and classical base, Erin weaves her campy Broadway style and over-the-top production with a haunting undertone, making for a distinct and dramatic experience from this EP.

1.1 Even If You Try
1.2 I'd Be a Fool
1.3 What It Feels Like
1.4 You're a Monster
1.5 I Did Nothing Wrong
1.6 Things Won't Be the Same

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