Erin Stevenson

Erin Stevenson: Naked

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Artist: Erin Stevenson

Artist: Erin Stevenson
Title: Naked

At the age of 10 Erin Stevenson was a member of "Girls Tyme", a prepubescent group of girls who later became Destiny's Child. Her first single reached to number 5 on the Billboard Dance Charts in 2006 and she's had several songs featured in major films. This has led her to opening for or alongside Justin Timberlake, Rihanna, Pharrell Williams, Nicki Minaj, John Legend, Jennifer Lopez, Janet Jackson, Ciara, Yolanda Adams,... to humbly name a few. Rehearsing and touring for other mega talents like Duran Duran, who she's currently touring with has led her to refine and work on her craft daily. Due to the demand to hear more, she released her first single "Naked"on Oct. 13th... Fusing a retro 80's sound, current melodies, and melodic hooks, Erin's music will touch your heart and infect your soul. Her debut album entitled "Naked" is a culmination of all her hard work and talent finally coming together at the right time. This is Erin's first album and will be sure to take you on a musical journey.

1.1 Juicy
1.2 Automatic
1.3 Addicted to You
1.4 Invisable Woman
1.5 Hangin
1.6 The One That Got Away
1.7 Tell Me
1.8 Work
1.9 Funk Em
1.10 Virtuous
1.11 Naked
1.12 Truthfully
1.13 Take Me Away
1.14 Don't Touch

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