Ernie Hendrickson

Ernie Hendrickson: Walking with Angels

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Artist: Ernie Hendrickson
Title: Walking with Angels

"...twelve songs of pure and unadulterated Americana pop." -Uncommon Music "Hendrickson has found his voice...a landmark album." -Here Comes The Flood "...honest and soulful." " better lay claim to this album before you get exposed as a poseur. Well done." -Midwest Record "Walking With Angels solidifies (his) place on the Americana A-list." -Rock River Times "Upbeat Americana" Walking with Angels - the new record by Ernie Hendrickson began with a chance meeting between Ernie and veteran producer Bo Ramsey in the spring of '08 in Iowa City, where Ernie was opening a show for an old friend of Bo's, Kevin Gordon. Ernie had completed his first solo record in late 2007, and was touring in support of that release when he met Bo and struck up a conversation about making a new record. The two exchanged info and met periodically in cyberspace, discussing how the plan might materialize. A deal was struck and Ernie relinquished the co-producer chair in favor of letting Bo take the reigns and steer the record to his according to his instincts. Ernie had never placed this kind of trust in anyone before, having led different bands throughout his twenties as the principle singer, songwriter, and guitarist, and always done his own producing. The idea appealed to him though, having heard records that Bo has produced, especially those by Greg Brown and Lucinda Williams. Even in early conversation, the two agreed that there was a chemistry evolving that would only deepen once the sessions began. At Bo's urging, Ernie sang and played nearly all of the songs on the record to a live band which consisted of Bo, Jon Penner on bass (Junior Brown, Bo Ramsey), and Steve Hayes on drums (Greg Brown, Bo Ramsey). This call was made by Bo to try and capture the energy of a good performance, which is what he feels really makes records great. This was a departure from 'Down the Road', Ernie's first record, for which all the tracks were done separately. It took a leap of faith in many ways for him to go into this new situation - one, that he would be able to get the kind of articulate playing that he strives for while singing and vice versa, two - that he would be able to gel with the musicians Bo picked, having never met them before, and three - that he would feel comfortable in a studio he had never worked in, a long way from his Chicago home. The results could not have been better. All twelve songs on the record feel as though these four guys had been playing together for years. After adding legendary Chicago pedal steel player Brian Wilkie on several tracks, Bob Black's banjo (Bill Monroe), and taking a trip to Nashville to record keyboardist Kevin McKendree (Delbert McClinton), the record shines as a true testament to Hendrickson's ripening powers as a songwriter. It was mixed by Tom Tucker in Minneapolis (Prince, Johnny Lang) in March of this year.

1.1 Hold on to Hope
1.2 Easy Lovin'
1.3 Only the Good Die Young
1.4 I'll Remember You
1.5 Not Much Time
1.6 Let Me See You Smile
1.7 Country Fall
1.8 Candy's Song
1.9 Young Man
1.10 Heavy Times
1.11 Walking with Angels
1.12 Where the Sidewalk Ends

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