Ernie Lancaster

Ernie Lancaster: Lightnin Alley

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Artist: Ernie Lancaster

Artist: Ernie Lancaster
Title: Lightnin Alley

BLUSION is what lightnin' guitarist Ernie Lancaster likes to call his signature blend of blues, swamp rock, soul, funk, reggae, country and jazz that he's been stirring up since he started gigging at the age of 11. You can hear him on a gazillion albums by numerous artists including Rufus Thomas, the JB's, Kenny Neal, Lucky Peterson, Noble 'Thin Man' Watts, Alex Taylor, Razzy Bailey, Ace Moreland and Rev. Billy C. Wirtz - Ernie's toured and recorded with them all. Not only 'a shit hot guitarist who could give any currently rated fretboard artist a run for his money' as described by Melody Maker, he is also a versatile composer as these tunes will attest along with his long-time songwriting collaboration with Bob Greenlee and the notorious Root Boy Slim. Recorded between touring and session work at the legendary Kingsnake Studios in Central Florida, Lightnin' Alley is the follow up to his first solo all-instrumental album, Ernestly, of which the Miami Herald said '...proves he truly has twenty-five fingers.' Take a trip with Ernie across the musical universe to where he's coming from - Lightnin' Alley!

1.1 Austintatious
1.2 Moccasin Path
1.3 Lazy Bones
1.4 Rootin' Around
1.5 Three Cool Cats
1.6 Satellite Farm
1.7 Carolina Rain
1.8 Late Freight
1.9 Down at Ray's
1.10 Lightnin' Alley
1.11 Ethan's Song

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