Ernie Watts: Analog Man

Ernie Watts: Analog Man
Title: Analog Man
Label: Flying Dolphin

Analog Man is the new studio recording from two-time Grammy Award winning saxophonist Ernie Watts. The artist's passion for and commitment to acoustic jazz is clear on this release. Watts and his European quartet explore new ground through the strength of their individual voices, while consistently demonstrating the group's musical unity. From the funky hard-bop groove of the title track to the melodic soprano of 'Paseando', Watts' broad-spectrum talent is fully realized. The quartet's take on Victor Feldman´s classic 'Joshua' demonstrates the ongoing dialog among the musicians, a cohesive group of outstanding players who have been his European quartet since 1999. Produced by Ernie Watts.

1.1 Analog Man (E. Watts)
1.2 Elements (E. Watts/D. Witham)
1.3 Paseando (C. Saenger)
1.4 Clinton Parkview (F. Moutin)
1.5 Company (A. Johnson/R.L. Jones)
1.6 Joshua (V. Feldman)
1.7 A Lilac Grows (E. Watts/D. Witham)
1.8 Gee Baby (E. Watts)
1.9 Morning Prayer (E. Watts)

Ernie Watts: Analog Man

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