Errol Dunkley

Errol Dunkley: Moodie Meets Errol Dunkley

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Artist: Errol Dunkley

Artist: Errol Dunkley
Title: Moodie Meets Errol Dunkley

This album was recorded between 1976 and 1979, recorded between Jamaica and the UK. There are quite a few lovers rock tracks recorded in the UK. There is also roots rock reggae on this album. There are two artist on this album Moodie and Errol Dunkley.

1.1 You're Gonna Need Me - Errol Dunkley
1.2 Hold Me Tight/Second Chance - Moodie
1.3 I'll Never Forget You - Errol Dunkley
1.4 I Love You - Moodie
1.5 Love Is a Wonderful Thing - Errol Dunkley
1.6 Sticksman - Moodie
1.7 Rolling Stones - Errol Dunkley
1.8 School Days - Errol Dunkley
1.9 Ropey Moodie - Moodie

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