Ervin Litkei

Ervin Litkei: Hit Songs

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Ervin Litkei

Title: Hit Songs
Label: Silverwolf

Ervin Litkei composed marches for every US President since FDR & had many played at inaugerations including LBJ and George Bush. At the Clinton inauguration he unveiled the March to a First Lady for Hilary Clinton, the first of it's kind. This is the album of his pop compositions in his heyday, performed by the big band sound of the Bernard Ebbinghouse Orchestra, conducted by Mr Ebbinghouse

1.1 The Touch of You
1.2 That Sunday Feeling
1.3 I Am Very Happy
1.4 Whenthe World Was Young
1.5 Happiness Is Round the Corner
1.6 The Bread of Life
1.7 Tomorrowing
1.8 I Waited at the Chapel Door
1.9 I'm Whirling and Twirlin Around
1.10 Cleopatra
1.11 Hav You Got Any Dream for Sale
1.12 The Ambassador

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