Esther Elaine

Esther Elaine: Out the Window

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Artist: Esther Elaine

Artist: Esther Elaine
Title: Out the Window

Esther Elaine's music has been brewing inside for years, waiting to be expressed and offered to the world. Her take on jazz infuses influences from all other genres of music, reflecting her background in pop, country, theatrical and classical singing, and keeps a piano in the mix at all times. She is a storyteller, giving each song it's own voice. Most of all, she hopes you enjoy what you hear. Thanks for listening!

1.1 Fishbowl
1.2 Brighter Than Sunshine
1.3 Hands
1.4 Seeing Red
1.5 When Superman Retires
1.6 Irish Blessings
1.7 Everywhere
1.8 Good Question
1.9 Out the Window
1.10 Lullaby for Morning

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