Eterna: Heavenly

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Eterna

Title: Heavenly
Label: Intent City

Welcome to the enchanted world of Eterna... immerse yourself in the light that shines forth as the doors of heaven are opened and the bridge between heaven and earth is illuminated once again. Angelic voices mixed with heavenly beats create a celestial chilled vibe, as blissful Gregorian chants soar across an ecstatic state of down tempo grooves. You... whom we love, you do not see us, yet we are there, we are the messengers... we are always waiting forever here... Eterna.

1.1 The Secret
1.2 Heavenly
1.3 Enchanted Dreamer
1.4 Spiritual High
1.5 Floating in Your Arms
1.6 In Tune with the Infinite
1.7 Sunset Dreams
1.8 Mystic Groove
1.9 Heavendance
1.10 Ceremony
1.11 Ocean of Ecstasy
1.12 Eternal Voices

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