Ethel Merman: Call Me Madam / O.B.C

Ethel Merman: Call Me Madam / O.B.C
Title: Call Me Madam / O.B.C
Label: Decca U.S.

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1.1 Call Me Madam: The Hostess with the Mostes' on the Ball
1.2 Call Me Madam: Washington Square Dance
1.3 Call Me Madam: Lichtenburg (Cosmo's Opening)
1.4 Call Me Madam: Can You Use Any Money Today?
1.5 Call Me Madam: Marrying for Love
1.6 Call Me Madam: The Ocarina
1.7 Call Me Madam: It's a Lovely Day Today
1.8 Call Me Madam: The Best Thing for You
1.9 Call Me Madam: Something to Dance About
1.10 Call Me Madam: Once Upon a Time Today
1.11 Call Me Madam: They Like Ike
1.12 Call Me Madam: You're Just in Love
1.13 Panama Hattie: My Mother Would Love You
1.14 Panama Hattie: I've Still Got My Health
1.15 Panama Hattie: Let's Be Buddies
1.16 Panama Hattie: Make It Another Old Fashioned, Please

Ethel Merman: Call Me Madam / O.B.C

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