Eugene Benjamin

Eugene Benjamin: Photograph

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Artist: Eugene Benjamin

Artist: Eugene Benjamin
Title: Photograph

These songs are about real people, places and events in my life. Some songs deal with themes of love, loss, and escape to places of personal freedom, with which many of us can identify. The style of music encompasses much of what can be considered Rock-Americana, although I'd like to think I have my own sound...doesn't every musician? The recording includes Pop, Folk and Bluegrass influences. As far as a genre is concerned, file this one under..'Not Jazz'.

1.1 Baby Blue Eyes
1.2 Cindy
1.3 Over Me
1.4 Julianne
1.5 Balloon
1.6 Train
1.7 The Grace of Flight
1.8 Good-Bye
1.9 A Thousand Miles
1.10 Wasteland

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