Jean Eugene Claude: Reflexion

Eugene Jean Claude: Reflexion
Title: Reflexion
Label: CD Baby

This album contains a mix of love songs, messages of unity and hope for the people of the world, specifically those from the third world. The arrangements reflect the particular mood of each piece and are executed by world class musicians. This is a trip through the warmth of the Caribbean under the caresse of a powerful voice sustained by a smooth but solid set of instruments. The renditions are impeccale. Lyrics are in French, Creole, and English (1).

1.1 Si'w Te Konnen
1.2 Marie Dife
1.3 Ma Ville
1.4 Kote Ou Ye
1.5 Gina, Won't You Be
1.6 Pourtant Je T'aime
1.7 Bientot J'irai
1.8 La Priyè Manman
1.9 Mizerikod
1.10 Cecilia
1.11 Chante
1.12 Yo
1.13 Pwoverb
1.14 Rete la

Jean Eugene Claude: Reflexion

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