Eugene Wendell: Eugene Wendell 3

Eugene Wendell: Eugene Wendell 3
Title: Eugene Wendell 3
Label: CD Baby

'Eugene Wendell is an outstanding group from Port Angeles. Gene Stashuk and Doc Gardner create some incredible aural experiences. Gene does amazing work on guitar, keyboards, and vocals, while Doc adds some sharp percussion and good backing vocals. The pair have crafted some sophisticated music in Gene's home studio and the results are a first class recording with haunting melodies and thoughtful lyrics. Truly one of the Northwest's top recording acts...' KISM (92.9 FM) Pooner Clark ' favorite lyrics are those that say a lot but say it using simple words and Gene is a master at doing that...' Mike Rutherford (Genesis) For those existing Red 7 fans out there, Gene is the former lead singer, guitarist, and writer of Red 7... For Fat Chance fans out there, Wendell (Doc) is the former drummer, singer, and writer from Fat Chance...

1.1 Ordinary Secretary
1.2 The Ballad of One-Eyed Ned
1.3 Shrug
1.4 Bury Them Deep
1.5 Blue Sky
1.6 Time to Talk
1.7 Aquamarine
1.8 Question of Faith
1.9 Blood on My Trail
1.10 Sunday Afternoon
1.11 Strange

Eugene Wendell: Eugene Wendell 3

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