Eugene Wright Senator: African Breezelive at the Money Tree

Eugene Wright Senator: African Breezelive at the Money Tree
Title: African Breezelive at the Money Tree
Label: CD Baby

THE SENATOR EUGENE J. WRIGHT Eugene J. Wright, also called "The Senator" is known world wide. He has played with many great artists in the music world such as Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Jimmy Lunceford and Dave Brubeck to name a few. Senator E.J. Wright is Chicago born. He has played with many great names such as Count Basie, Charlie Parker, Gene Ammons and Sonny Stitt, Arnett Cobb, JJ. Johnson and Kai Windig, Buddy De Franco, Red Norvo, Cal Tjader and Dave Brubeck. He has also lead his own group, THE EUGENE WRIGHT ENSEMBLE, "The Dukes of Swing". Eugene has recorded his own compositions with his group for Philips, Columbia, and Exposure Records. His book, "Modern Music for Bass," has been published by Hansen Publications and he is currently compiling a second book of his more recent compositions, also a method book for students who want to master the art of having a good left hand, the key to successful Bass playing. Listed among Eugene's credits are radio, movies, T.V. appearances in England, Continental Europe, New Zealand, Australia, The middle East, Japan, South America, Mexico, Canada and the U.S.A.; he has toured for the State Department; worked for Universal Studios with Charlie Barnett, Cal Tjader and Gerald Wiggins; he has played to hundreds of colleges and universities across the US with the Dave Brubeck Quartet; played in concert halls and clubs all over the world, including the Israeli Festival where he was the featured artist with Paul Winter Contemporary Consort; he gave lessons between his concerts in Israel and he has represented Jazz teaching at the International Institute for for String Bass at the University of Wisconsin, where he and Gary Karr first performed their interesting program blending classical music and jazz. He believes in reaching those who see his knowledge as students all over the world can testify. He has performed literally, for Presidents and Kings, from the Ghettos to the White House, always with the same enthusiastic reception. It is always a career highlight to be invited to perform at the White House and Eugene has, several times, as a featured member of the Dave Brubeck Quartet. The Eugene Wright Ensemble consists of several groups within itself. Their music incorporates many of the so-called styles of traditional jazz, yet it brings to the bandstand the first-hand knowledge, experience and influence of the musical greats as Eugene heard it himself throughout the years. The Ensemble gives the individual musicians an opportunity to improvise on already established themes and then return to what Eugene calls 'The Blues'. "What is the Blues? Playing your soul, your own thing, whatever you're doing. After all it don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing?" The Senator Eugene J. Wright Ensemble HAS, and WILL ALWAYS HAVE something that will appeal to every taste. Quote from The Senator himself... "After traveling around the world, playing music, I have found that you must do things that are constructive, meaningful and most of all you must enjoy what you are doing. I enjoy having my own group, I like working in the educational programs, and I enjoy teaching and helping people. This is my love for life. I would like to devote a few months every year to each of these activities, touring the colleges and the world. Music is not only an international language but an inter-human language, therefore, if I can help mankind to better love and understand their fellow man by opening their minds through music, I will always dedicate my best efforts to this end." GOD BLESS ALL, SENATOR EUGENE J. WRIGHT ********************************************************************************** Quotes from fellow artists, news, radio and magazines: "I thank you for opening the new stage in the White House ballroom, and I really enjoyed your playing..." President Lyndon B. Johnson "You are one of the last of the great Bass players..." Tony Bennett "His solos and good humor received the usual warm response from the audience..." Melody Maker, London, England "He is a great musician and a great stage personality. He is known around the world..." Paul Winter "Eugene Wright,of the Dave Brubeck Quartet, was once again among the favorites in the International Jazz Poll..." Downbeat Magazine "The warm feeling and rhythm that Eugene imparts can be detected blindfolded, maybe that's what you call 'soul' I hear!" W.H.B.I.-FM Radio, Newark, NJ.

1.1 Red Top
1.2 My Foolish Heart
1.3 Eugene Talking (Narrative Interlude) - Senator Eugene Wright
1.4 Chasin' the Bass
1.5 Jackie's Dish
1.6 Eugene Introducing Musicians (Narrative Interlude) - Senator Eugene Wright
1.7 Wright Groove
1.8 Things Ain't What They Use to Be
1.9 Eugene Talking (Narrative Interlude) - Senator Eugene Wright
1.10 My Love
1.11 Eugene Talking (Narrative Interlude) - Senator Eugene Wright
1.12 African Breeze
1.13 Blue Rondo a la Turk
1.14 Mood Indigo

Eugene Wright Senator: African Breezelive at the Money Tree

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