Ev9: Nobody Cages Me Presents: Jupiter Cannons Vol. 1

Ev9: Nobody Cages Me Presents: Jupiter Cannons Vol. 1
Title: Nobody Cages Me Presents: Jupiter Cannons Vol. 1
Label: CD Baby

Jupiter = Jimi Hendrix Cannons = Those disciples of Jimi that go beyond the mere note for note playing. These Cannons are being calibrated by the positive energy that Jimi left, thus shooting powerful blasts of love, knowledge and joy all over the world. Ev9 is definately one of Jupiter's Cannons. Examples of Famous Cannons: Velvert Turner, Ernie Isley, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Lenny Kravitz, Eddie Hazel, Michael Hampton, Prince, etc. (Too many to name) Other Cannons of note: Jimy Bleu, Steve Moise, Stan Skibby, Chris Coshea, Byron Bordeaux, etc. (Too many to name) Nobody Cages Me presents - Jupiter Cannons (Vol. 1) continues the creative visions of one of the most creative and influential artists of all time---Jimi Hendrix. This project is a collaborative effort by musical artist Ev9 and author Corey Washington. Corey has written Nobody Cages Me, which explores the wide reaching influence of Jimi Hendrix beyond the realms of Rock music. Corey is originally from N.Y., but currently resides in Augusta, GA. Ev9 has taken the fusion style of Hendrix and ran with it into the 21 century. In additon to being an artist, Ev9 is also a multi-instrumentalist and producer. He is originally from St. Louis, but now resides in Spartanburg, S.C. Ev9: Special thanks to Corey Washington, K1Ationz, Rosa Lee Brooks, Doriella, Barbara 'Shockadelica' Brown, Jenifer Legrier, and Leon Hendrix. Corey: A big thanks goes to Tina Hendrix, Darryl Dogan, Gary Tyson, Jimy Bleu, Rosa Lee Brooks, Rickey Vincent, Leon Hendrix, Billy Cox, Juma Sultan, Aleem Twins, Al Green, David Henderson, Sheldon Reynolds, and the vast knowledge base of The Electric Guru FB group. Very Special Thanks goes to Grady Abrams for the original Jimi artwork! Graphics by: K1Ationz Contact Info: Booking and other inquires e-mail the artist EV9 at: ni-roc@hotmail.com or call--(706) 664-8622 (Corey Washington) email: plaintalk2010@yahoo.com (Corey Washington)

1.1 Jupiter Cannons - Plain Talk
1.2 The Journey Begins - Plain Talk
1.3 Jimi Jam - Ev9
1.4 Gypsy Blues - Ev9
1.5 Stroll of Soul - Ev9
1.6 Navigator Intro - Plain Talk
1.7 Song Child I - Ev9
1.8 Crowning - Ev9
1.9 Lil Miss Payback - Ev9
1.10 Guitarchestra - Ev9
1.11 Grooviter - Ev9
1.12 Stealth - Ev9
1.13 Otherness - Ev9
1.14 Jimi's Influence - Plain Talk
1.15 The Godfather Suite - Ev9
1.16 Jimi's Legacy, Pt. 1 - Plain Talk
1.17 Call of the Seasons - Ev9
1.18 Jimi's Legacy, Pt. 2 - Plain Talk
1.19 O X 3 - Ev9
1.20 Procession of Pharoahs - Ev9
1.21 Jimi's Legacy, Pt. 3 - Plain Talk
1.22 Nite Time (Demo) - Ev9
1.23 Majesstica - Ev9
1.24 Props to Ev9 - Plain Talk
1.25 Song Child II - Ev9
1.26 The Journey Ends? - Plain Talk
1.27 Otherness (Unfinished Demo with Vocals) - Ev9

Ev9: Nobody Cages Me Presents: Jupiter Cannons Vol. 1

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