Eva Maria Houben

Eva Maria Houben: Breath For Organ

$13.92 $16.98

Artist: Eva Maria Houben
Title: Breath For Organ

Second Editions present a new work by composer/organist/musicologist Eva-Maria Houben. Breath For Organ is many things. A composition as contemplation. A study on listening, on deliberation. An approach to modesty. At times, it even feels like an ode to the whole history of organ music. But most importantly, at it's core, it is an appreciation for an instrument as an organism. In this case, the (now displaced) pipe organ of the late St. Franziskus church in Krefeld, Germany. It is Houben's most compelling piece to date. Bold, sparse, abstract, yet vibrant and hypnotic. Determined in concept and execution. Musical existentialism. Edition of 300.

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