Evan McElfresh: Healing Waters

Evan McElfresh: Healing Waters
Title: Healing Waters
Label: CD Baby

Evan grew up in an extremely musical family and at an early was already singing and tinkering with different instruments. He started taking piano lessons, which only lasted a few years. He grew tired of the box into which he was being fit. By the age of 7 he wrote his first song, titled Metamorphosis. This title was later used for a completely different song, as the original song disappeared over time. Over the years Evan stretched his musical technique by listening to his favorite artists and copying their techniques, eventually turning them all into his own mix and style. George Winston, Yanni and Jim Brickman all played roles in this formation.

1.1 Intro
1.2 Enter Spring
1.3 A Long Time Coming
1.4 Eleemosynary
1.5 Aquatic Prayer
1.6 A Classical Touch
1.7 Kindergarten Ballerina
1.8 The Journey
1.9 Healing Qaters
1.10 Improvisation 2
1.11 Once Before, Never Again

Evan McElfresh: Healing Waters

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