Evans Blue

Evans Blue: Graveyard Of Empires

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Evans Blue

Artist: Evans Blue
Title: Graveyard Of Empires

This collection is hard rock with a couple of rock ballads and some orchestral portions. The tracks flow well into each other allowing a blend of styles as not all tracks have the same flavor. Some are good for just rocking out while others would be good to dance about the room or chill.

1.1 This Time It's Different
1.2 Crawl Inside
1.3 Thank You
1.4 Beyond the Stars
1.5 Graveyard of Empires
1.6 Alone Not Lonely
1.7 In the Shadow
1.8 Live to Die
1.9 Destroy the Obvious
1.10 Warrior
1.11 Underwater
1.12 Halo

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