Evaporated Sores

Evaporated Sores: Ulcerous Dimensions

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Product Type: VINYL LP

Title: Ulcerous Dimensions
Label: Sentient Ruin Laboratories
Product Type: VINYL LP

Strikingly unique and by all standards of decency completely unheard of, American industrial noise death-doom aberration Evaporated Sores debut with their skull-crushing debut LP "Ulcerous Dimensions", a gnarled and horrifying extreme metal experiment that establishes the band as an unprecedented beacon of aural barbarism, bridging various opposites of harsh and inverted sonic extremism to synthesize a violent and implacable design to mankind's complete annihilation. Fusing scathing industrial noise and power electronics with the most worm-ridden death metal and the suffocating inescapability of sludge and doom metal, "Ulcerous Dimensions" is a sadistic trial in aural torment, where the listener is cast at a center of a lucid nightmare and made the subject of an unrelenting sensorial assault of complete aural humiliation in which suffocating crawling tempos, claustrophobic and surreal atmospheres, skin-peeling electronics and erratic bone-fracturing death metal chaos cascade toward total oblivion resounding the listener's complete obliteration.

1.1 Claimed By Inertia
1.2 Eternal Inflation
1.3 Regurgitated Existence
1.4 Infinite Remission
1.5 Rote Resurrection
1.6 Eonic Parallel
1.7 Cosmic Indifference

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