Even Pete

Even Pete: Somethings Happening

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Even Pete

Title: Somethings Happening
Label: CD Baby

The girl and boy met in the green deserts of the West where they had ended their respective pilgrimages from far away lands; the girl from the hot, dry regions of the South, and the boy from the cold, unfriendly Northern territories. Each had come in search of fame, fortune, and enlightenment; what they found was each other. They first met on a fateful winter's day, both of them independently and immediately understanding that in their musical union was the promise of powerful magic. So they settled there on the westernmost rim, took up their instruments, created their melodies, and began their adventure. Years passed, and the boy and girl found family and friends in that place. They conferred with other artisans, some who had traveled far like our heroes, some born of the deserts; all who strived to bring beautiful music to the hearts of the green land's inhabitants. Many allegiances were created and broken during this time, and with the passing of each, the initial union of the girl and boy seemed to grow stronger. More years flowed past them, and by and by, they found themselves again to be independent in their musical endeavors. They were happy then, because they were still surrounded by friends, and their creations were growing in strength and beauty. But time soon became their enemy, and they were sedated by the sweet wine of Comfort and Security. It was as if a spell had been cast on the boy and girl, clouding their collective vision with mundane worries about taxes and jobs, matching curtains and couch covers, and 401K contributions. As the grey shroud deepened, they began to forget why they had come to the desert, and they grew fat and content in their average lives. But deep down, they knew that something was amiss, and their creations became darker and more bittersweet as each moon rose. One day, as the girl strummed her guitar and chirped half-hearted notes into the brittle air, the boy approached her with a question. 'Do you think it's time to leave this place?' he asked. 'Not yet', she replied, 'but it is coming. And we must prepare.' She looked up from the frets and the hint of a smile crossed her lips. They made preparations in secret, looking towards the day they would depart and begin their Noble Quest. They worked hard to create new records of their work, as the previous annals had become tragically outdated. Day in and day out they slaved away in pursuit of perfection, placing each note with great delicacy as to evoke intense emotion in the awestruck ears of their followers. The girl and boy remain in the desert, but with each passing hour the time of their departure draws nearer. Under the cloak of night they crunch numbers and create budgets, study the logistics of travel, gather contacts, and share the fruits of their labor in smoky back alleyways to sate the appetites of their loyal followers. Though they have smitten down a multitude of fearsome beasts and conquered many obstacles, the epic of the two who call themselves 'Even Pete' has just begun. So sleep well, little ones, and dream sweetly of the day when The Noble Quest may bring our heroes to your very own doorstep.

1.1 Lovely
1.2 Home
1.3 Hillary the Liar
1.4 Twice I Asked the Old Man to Dance with Me
1.5 Sugar in the Rain
1.6 Falter
1.7 Jeffrey
1.8 Dignity
1.9 Leonids
1.10 Too Long

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