Ever/After: A Beautiful Lie

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Artist: Ever/After

Artist: Ever/After
Title: A Beautiful Lie

EVER/AFTER is a recording project spearheaded by guitarist extraordinaire REGGIE WU (Heaven's Edge) and drummer JIM DRNEC (Cinderella, Tangier, The Electric Boa). EVER/AFTER's debut CD "A BEAUTIFUL LIE" will be released August 1, 2013. Although EVER/AFTER began as a live performance project, when two members departed in 2012, Reggie and Jim determined to finish what the band had started, recruiting legendary Philadelphia bassist BUDDY CASH (Horsepower, The Buddy Cash Band) and Denver, Colorado vocal icon CHRISTOPHER THOMAS (Omniism, Spools of Dark Thread)to complete the project. Working in studios in Philadelphia, New Jersey, and Denver, Colorado, the newly-assembled team melded perfectly to create A BEAUTIFUL LIE. The nine original tracks on A BEAUTIFUL LIE fuse complex vocal arrangements with soaring melodies and searing guitars, carefully layered atop hard rock foundations that actually groove.

1.1 Breakin' Me
1.2 Starin' at the Gun
1.3 Can't Stop Love
1.4 Wait 'Til Tomorrow
1.5 No More Promises
1.6 Evangeline
1.7 Best of Me
1.8 Cry
1.9 Stop/Go

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