Everlasting Arms

Everlasting Arms: Everlasting Arms

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Title: Everlasting Arms
Label: CD Baby

A unique collaboration, Everlasting Arms' debut CD introduced a style of music that has many influences from rock bands like The Beatles, to vocal groups like Simon & Garfunkel, and Peter, Paul & Mary to progressive rock bands such as Yes, Genesis, ELP, Queen & Kansas. As such, the album's tracks feature a variety of styles from power ballads to gentle delicate pieces to progressive rock epics, driven primarily by a multi-layered choir-like vocal sound, backed by a piano-driven accompaniment. While the lyrics often use biblical themes to speak directly to Christians & to the church, many of the messages speak universally to the human condition, with words of encouragement, healing, exhortation & celebration in a broken world.

1.1 The Saving Light
1.2 Transfigured
1.3 The Love He Brings
1.4 He Is Risen
1.5 For Christ That Day
1.6 O Spirit Come
1.7 America
1.8 Everlasting Arms
1.9 O Father God
1.10 In the Silence of the Morning
1.11 Full Circle
1.12 Can't Stop the Music
1.13 Lo I Am with You, Always

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