Every Mother's Nightmare

Every Mother's Nightmare: Grind

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Product Type: CD

Artist: Every Mother's Nightmare
Title: Grind

2018 release. Forming in the early '90s, Every Mother's Nightmare is no stranger to the music scene. After quickly arriving on the Memphis rock scene, word spread about their energy-packed live performances gaining them the attention of Clive Davis (Arista Records). After signing with Arista, Every Mother's Nightmare became staples on MTV's Headbanger's Ball. Every Mother's Nightmare received a great deal of national press and toured, promoting the first two albums, allowing them the chance to open for bands such as Cheap Trick and Dream Theater. Every Mother's Nightmare is now releasing their highly anticipated full-length album titled Grind. Grind includes "Loco Crazy" which features a guest appearance by Zach Myers of Shinedown on guitar. The project also features appearances by Jim Dandy (The Jim Dandy) guest vocals on 'Stand Up', and Wayne Swinny (Saliva) guitar on 'Snake'.

1.1 Loco Crazy
1.2 Sanke
1.3 Upper Hand
1.4 Blown Away
1.5 Sacred Days
1.6 Days Are Through
1.7 Stand Up
1.8 Swing Again
1.9 Closet Down the Hall (Live)
1.10 Walls Come Down (Live)
1.11 Push (Live)
2.1 Push (Video)
2.2 Blown Away (Video)
2.3 Loco Crazy (Video)

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