Evgeny Svetlanov

Evgeny Svetlanov: Ballet Suites: Gayaneh & Spartacus

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Title: Ballet Suites: Gayaneh & Spartacus
Label: Brilliant Classics

Born in Tbilisi, Georgia, Khachaturian's earliest musical influences were the folk music of Georgia and of his ancestral homeland, Armenia. Gayaneh (1942) tapped into this passion for his Armenian heritage. Set on a collective farm, it's story is concerned with the triumph of love and loyalty to the Motherland over treason - themes that would keep Stalin happy. Spartacus (1956) took the famous story of the Greek slave turned gladiator and his defeat of the Roman general Crassus as it's basis.

1.1 Dance of the Rose Maidens
1.2 Aysha's Dance
1.3 Dance of the Highlanders
1.4 Lullaby
1.5 Noune's Dance
1.6 Armen's Variation
1.7 Gayaneh's Adagio
1.8 Lezghinka
1.9 Dance with Tambourines
1.10 Sabre Dance
1.11 Introduction - Dance of the Nymphs
1.12 Aegina's Dance
1.13 Scene and Dance with Crotalums
1.14 Adagio of Spartacus and Phrygia
1.15 Dance of the Gaditan Maidens - Victory of Spartacus

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