Ewan Maccoll: Blow Boys Blow

Ewan Maccoll: Blow Boys Blow
Artist: Ewan Maccoll
Title: Blow Boys Blow

Sea songs and Shanties, sung by A.L. Lloyd and Ewan MacColl, accompanied by Alf Edwards (concertina), Ralph Rinzler (guitar, banjo and mandolin) and Steve Benbow (guitar).

1.1 Row Bullies Row
1.2 Paddy Doyle
1.3 Wild Goose Shany
1.4 While Cruising Round Yarmouth
1.5 Old Billy Riley
1.6 The Handsome Cabin Boy
1.7 South Australia
1.8 Blow, Boys, Blow
1.9 Whup Jamboree
1.10 The Banks of Newfoundland
1.11 Whiskey Johnny
1.12 Do Me Ama
1.13 Jack Tar
1.14 Paddy West
1.15 Haul on the Bowline
1.16 A Hundred Years Ago

Ewan Maccoll: Blow Boys Blow

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