Ex-Boyfriends: Happy Ending

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Ex-Boyfriends

Title: Happy Ending
Label: CD Baby

The Exboyfriends are an award-winning seven member, all-male 'classic rock a cappella' group from New York City. They have been performing together for over fifteen years in New York City clubs, colleges, cable television and on national syndicated radio. They have even shared the stage with classic rock icons The Marshall Tucker Band and The Edgar Winter Group in a vocal jam of his 70's instrumental classic "Frankenstein". The Exboyfriends have returned with their third & final album, 'Happy Ending', featuring more of their unmistakable arangements and raw, powerful solo performances. From Pink Floyd to Steely Dan, Foreigner to The Eagles, the group tackles them all with the energy & enthsuiasm of a 'plugged in' rock & roll band. Produced by Ed Chung (Duwende), 'Happy Ending' features 10 cover songs and one 'hidden track'. All the sounds (and smells) were performed using nothing but the human voice. No synths, no drum machines. Percussion sounds are created by group member David Kern's unique (and equally horrifying) blend of beating his chest for the kick drum sound & slapping his stomach for the snare. The one-of-a-kind technique has become the group's trademark signature sound. Their debut CD, 1999's 'A Cappella's Dead', has been called the "classic rock album a cappella has been waiting for" (Recorded A Cappella Review Board). The album features inventive covers of Led Zeppelin, Van Halen, Yes, and Phil Collins' "In The Air Tonight". Their follow-up CD raised gained even more praise. Produced by Rockapella vocal percussionist Jeff Thacher, 'Karaoke Bar Brawl' (2002) was nominated to two Contemporary A Cappella Recording Association (CARA) awards: Best Album and Best Cover Song (25 or 6 to 4) and was one of RARB's Picks of 2003 for favorite albums of the year. 'Karaoke Bar Brawl' (named after true events) features loud & raw covers of The Who, Alice In Chains, Queen plus two original songs. Favorite musical moments include: Winning "First Place", "Best Arrangement" and "Audience Favorite" at New York's 2000 Harmony Sweepstakes competition...Winning "Audience Favorite" at the Sweeps National Finals in San Francisco that same year...Performing as The Howard Stern Christmas Carolers on the nationally syndicated radio program The Howard Stern Show in 1997...Various appearances on New Haven's rock station 99.1 FM's Smith & Barber Show...Providing the voices for the Country/Western version of The Backstreet Boys on VH1's original series "Rock Of Ages" in 1999...Recording over a dozen jingles and promos for network & cable outlets like Nickelodeon, Spike TV, VH1, Noggin and NBC...Arranging and performing the theme to the Cable Ace Award nominated short film, "Ted The Head" for Nickelodeon.... Opening up for The Nerds at NYC hotspot The China Club in 2001 & 2002...Sharing the stage with a cappella contemporaries Naturally Seven, Minimum Wage, DaVinci's Notebook and Sean Altman at New York City's famous club (sadly, now closed) The Bottom Line...Rocking the Hudson River on a Summer Cruise around Manhattan for NYC's classic rock radio station Q104.3...Wearing Yankees & Mets jerseys on stage in Boston at the East Coast A Cappella Summit at the start of 2000's NY vs. NY World Series...Hosting the International Collegiate A Cappella Association (ICCA) final competition at Lincoln Center...Recording versions of "Goldfinger" and "The Spy Who Loved Me" for appearance in James Bond on TNN promo campaign...Shocking our audience at a 2002 gig when we took the stage in full KISS makeup...Heating up the Arlington A Cappella Summer Festival, July 2001, with DaVinci's Notebook. Find The Exboyfriends on Facebook or contact them at theexboyfriends@yahoo.com.

1.1 In the Flesh
1.2 Sunday Bloody Sunday
1.3 Dirty Work
1.4 (Don't Fear) the Reaper
1.5 In the End
1.6 Feels Like the First Time
1.7 Hunger Strike
1.8 Hotel California
1.9 Teenage Dirtbag
1.10 Life's Been Good
1.11 "The Pants Are Still on..." (Hidden Track)

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