Execration: Execration : Morbid Dimensions

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Artist: Execration

Artist: Execration
Title: Execration : Morbid Dimensions
Product Type: VINYL LP

On their third full-length album, Norwegian experimental death metal band Execration take a step forward and to the left, incorporating new elements to their sound, spanning a wide set of genres, from black to heavy metal. Refining their already unique take on doom, atmospheric death metal, and throwing in a multitude of refreshing twists and turns, Morbid Dimensions is the document of a band carving out their very own niche.

1.1 Cosmic Mausoleum 07:19
1.2 Ritual Hypnosis 05:16
2.1 Doppelgangers 07:19
2.2 Morbid Dimensions 06:35
3.1 Tribulation Shackles 08:22
3.2 Vestiges 07:59
4.1 Ancient Tongue 05:17
4.2 Miasmal Sabbath 07:35
4.3 Funeral Procession 04:40

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