Experience Deluxe: E5

Experience Deluxe: E5
Title: E5
Label: CD Baby

If you know AFN you might like our homage to 'AFN Munich', the first AFRTS Radio Station in Europe - we so miss them! Or you may want to 'Fly up high', to 'Mount Kailash', or even 'To the Horizon' to do some 'Deluxing' 'In the Clouds'. If you rather go 'On Safari' make sure you don't end up in a 'Caravan to nowhere'. 'Travelling' is fun, to 'Rattle the Snake' is 'SoSo'. Do you love to change your mind? Me too! I 'Changed me mind' and started 'Remembering the future'.

1.1 Deluxing
1.2 Rattle the Snake
1.3 Afn Munich - Where R U
1.4 Caravan to Nowhere
1.5 Changed Me Mind
1.6 Fly Up High
1.7 Remembering the Future
1.8 To the Horizon
1.9 Mount Kailash
1.10 In the Clouds
1.11 Soso
1.12 On Safari
1.13 Travelling

Experience Deluxe: E5

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