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Extremely Keys: Extremely Classical Keys

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Artist: Extremely Keys

Title: Extremely Classical Keys
Label: CD Baby

Don Williams and Mark Hale are Colorado natives, who have been playing music together for 24 years. Don was actually Mark's teacher at a private school when they first met. They are two-thirds of the musical group 'Extremely Keys.' The other member of the group is Diane Golden (a beautiful singer with a 'golden' voice). This group is very diverse, and will be coming out with several more CD's in the near future. All three of us love to ski, hike, bike, and play music. Don and Mark both play keyboards and drums, while Diane (known as 'Din') plays keyboards and sings. Mark and Din are the two main singers in the group, and both are incredibly versatile. Din grew up in New Hampshire, but now lives in Evergreen, Colorado. Mark and Don currently reside in Oak Creek, Colorado. Keep an eye out for new CDs by 'Extremely Keys.' This particular compilation is composed of, classical masterpieces performed by Extremely Keys. We have added progressive, high-tempo, drum rhythms to all pieces. The idea is that one could work-out to this c.d., or play it while driving in the car. I even have heard that people like playing the c.d. on low volume @ their dinner parties. So we believe that everyone will enjoy a very unique c.d., that inspires as well as entertains.

1.1 Moonlight 3rd Movement By Beethoven, Opus 27 No. 2
1.2 Rachmaninoff Prelude in C#M, Opus 3 No. 2
1.3 Mozart Sonata in D, 1st Movement, Sonata IX
1.4 Chopin Prelude in CM, Opus 28 No. 20
1.5 Liszt Fruhling in GM, S.480/2
1.6 Chopin Trois Nouvelles Etudes No. 1
1.7 Bach Prelude in CM, Praeludium 2, BWV 847
1.8 Mozart Sonata for Two Pianos in D, (Excerpts), K. V. 448
1.9 Bach Prelude in C, No. 1
1.10 Beethoven Pathetique 2nd Movement, Opus 13
1.11 Mozart Rondo - Turkish March in Am
1.12 Chopin Revolutionary Etude in CM, Opus 10 No. 12
1.13 Moonlight 1st Movement By Beethoven, Opus 27 No. 2
1.14 Chopin Ocean Etude in CM, Opus 25 No. 12
1.15 Liszt Psaume in F, (Excerpts), from the Church at Geneva
1.16 Chopin Nocturne in DB, Opus 27 No. 2

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