Eyesberg: Blue

Eyesberg: Blue
Title: Blue
Label: CD Baby

Eyesberg present with BLUE their debut album - even though Eyesberg are a band of the late seventies/early eighties. At that time, the five musi-cians Georg Alfter, Michael Buchner, Thomas Klarmann (now of ARGOS and SUPERDRAMA), Norbert Podien and Malcolm Shuttleworth got to-gether to make music heavily influenced by the melodic progressive/art rock bands of the 70s. But it was important for the band to develop it's own personal style. All the compositions, that date back to that time, have now been taken up again over 30 years later by Alfter and Podien and, by using modern technology, have been completely revised, updated and further developed. The result is substantial changes to the arrangements of the original song material and the re-creation of much of the music. Eyesberg put great emphasis on the continuous dramatic composition of the pieces that gave each one in itself a cohesive and harmonious overall picture. Atmospheric-light, quite romantic parts alternate with heavy, hymnal elements right up to nonchalant (pop) rock songs. Gloomy Mello-tron and keyboard sounds, soulful guitar lines and two-voice melody lines - as well as powerful riffs - are characteristic of the band's sound. The more sophisticated and longer pieces such as 'Closed Until the Resurrec-tion', 'Feed Yourself', 'Epitaph' and 'Faces On My Wall' are contrasted by lighter and rockier numbers such as 'Inquisitive', '4-2-F' and 'Porce-lain'. The defining element of the music is the voice and the lyrics of the Man-chester-born singer, Malcolm Shuttleworth. His lyrics display a certain 'Englishness'; they are demanding, profound, whimsical and contain many puns and word plays. The authentic English vocals give the songs of Eyesberg their finishing touch. Eyesberg's music is not easy to define. It oscillates between retro and neo-prog; in any case, it is special! Enjoy listening!

1.1 Child's Play
1.2 Epitaph
1.3 Closed Until the Resurrection
1.4 Winter Gone
1.5 Inquisitive
1.6 Feed Yourself
1.7 4-2-F
1.8 Faces on My Wall
1.9 Porcelain
1.10 If I Told You the Truth
1.11 S II
1.12 Detachment and Replacement

Eyesberg: Blue

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