Eynomia: Break Free

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Artist: Eynomia

Artist: Eynomia
Title: Break Free

2018 release from the American melodic metal band. The musical abilities of the band have a range from Fifth Angel over Symphony X to Queensryche. The songs are even more catchy than the ones from the named bands but as powerful and finally the female vocalist Phyllis Rutter is singing on a high-end level! Coming from Minneapolis, Rutter is joined by guitarist Chris Bickley (Christine Ohlman Band, Thunderhead), bass-legend Mike LePond (Symphony X, Mike LePond's Silent Assassins, Heathen's Rage), Jimmy Pitts (Christian Muenzer Band, Fountainhead) on the keys and drummer Gaetano Nicolosi (Ron Keel Band).

1.1 Cleansing
1.2 Someday Maybe
1.3 Till We Meet Again
1.4 Break Free
1.5 Let It Go
1.6 Through Your Eyes
1.7 I Can Tell
1.8 Take a Look
1.9 When It's Over

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