F. Liszt

F. Liszt: Piano Works 2

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Artist: F. Liszt

Artist: F. Liszt
Title: Piano Works 2

1.1 Soirées de Vienne, Valse Caprice for Piano No. 6 (I; After Schubert D. 969 ; 779) S. 427/6 (LW A131/6)
1.2 Andante, Etude for Piano in E Flat Major (Grand Paganini Étude No. 2), S. 141/2 (LW A173/2)
1.3 La Campanella II, Etude for Piano in G Sharp minor (Grand Paganini Étude No. 3), S. 141/3 (LW A173/3)
1.4 La Chasse, Etude for Piano in E Major (Grand Paganini Étude No. 5), S. 141/5 (LW A173/5)
1.5 La Leggierezza, for Piano in F minor (Grandes Études de Concert No. 2), S. 144/2 (LW A118/2)
1.6 Gnomenreigen, for Piano (Zwei Konzertetüden No. 2), S. 145/2 (LW A218/2)
1.7 Liebesträume, Notturno for Piano No. 3 in a Flat Major ('O Lieb, So Lang Du Lieben Kannst'), S. 541/3 (LW A103/3)
1.8 Feux-Follets, Etude for Piano in B Flat Major (Transcendental Etude No. 5), S. 139/5 (LW A172/5)
1.9 Gondoliera, for Piano (Années, Suppl. to Ii/1), S. 162/1 (LW A197/1)
1.10 Tarantella, for Piano (Années, Suppl. to Ii/3), S. 162/3 (LW A197/3)
1.11 R.W.-Venezia, for Piano, S. 201 (LW A320)
1.12 En Rêve, Nocturne for Piano, S. 207 (LW A336)
1.13 CSÁRDÁS Macabre, for Piano, S. 224 (LW A313)
1.14 Illustrations Du Prophète (3), Transcription for Piano (After Meyerbeer), S. 414 (LW A165): 2. Les Patineurs - Scherzo

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