F5: A Drug For All Seasons

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Artist: F5

Artist: F5
Title: A Drug For All Seasons
Product Type: VINYL LP

First ever vinyl pressing of the hard hitting album of melodic heavy metal from Megadeth co-founder, David Ellefson!Pressed on WHITE vinyl (only 300 copies made), this album features the stunning single "Dissidence" plus "Look You In The Eyes" and more!"F5 is a powerful, heavy band with hooks, melodies and undeniable musicianship found only in the most seasoned groups." - David Ellefson

1.1 Faded
1.2 Dissidence
1.3 Fall to Me
1.4 A Drug for All Seasons
1.5 Bleeding
1.6 What I Am
1.7 Dying on the Vine
1.8 Hold Me Down
1.9 Defacing
1.10 X'd Out
1.11 Look You in the Eyes
1.12 Forte Sonata

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