Face to Face

Face to Face: Ignorance Is Bliss

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Face to Face

Artist: Face to Face
Title: Ignorance Is Bliss

Throughout the '90s, L.A.'s own Face to Face has been delivering it's own unique brand of rock, and one of the best live shows in any genre of music. They've garnered a large, loyal fan base by continuously putting out records and touring non-stop to crowds in sold out venues around the world. With their latest LadyLuck/Beyond release, the band has gone beneath the surface and emerged with an emotional, powerful record. 1st single: "God Is a Man."

1.1 Overcome
1.2 In Harms Way
1.3 Burden
1.4 Everone Hates a Know-It -All
1.5 Heart of Hearts
1.6 Prodigal
1.7 Nearly Impossible
1.8 I Know What You Are
1.9 The Devil You Know (God Is a Man)
1.10 Pathetic
1.11 Lost
1.12 Run in Circles
1.13 Maybe Next Time

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