Factums: Spells & Charms

Factums: Spells & Charms
Title: Spells & Charms
Label: CD Baby

Factums are comprised of ex-members of the Intelligence, Fruit Bats, and have contributed to albums by A-Frames and other notable Seattle outfits. They create a sound representative of the new Seattle scene, where garage rock, noise, and industrial distortion all blend together seamlessly. 'Spells and Charms' is 17 songs of synthesized experimentation, amplified distortion, walls of garage-rock, and electronic fidgeting that results in an album that greatly varies from their previous releases. 'Spells and Charms' shows the diversity and adaptability of these talented musicians with songs ranging from ambient space-explorations to thrashing metallic garage-industry-rock.

1.1 Unearthed
1.2 Lost One
1.3 Scene 2
1.4 Mixture
1.5 Anopheles
1.6 Think Tank
1.7 Spells ; Charms
1.8 De-Arranged
1.9 Mancy
1.10 Origami
1.11 Slide
1.12 Anemone
1.13 Vampires on Saturday
1.14 Insect Foe
1.15 Lorelei, Pt. 1
1.16 Lorelei, Pt. 2
1.17 Lorelei, Pt. 2

Factums: Spells & Charms

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