Faded Leroy

Faded Leroy: Days Between Stations

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Faded Leroy

Title: Days Between Stations
Label: CD Baby

Faded Leroy brings you a high-energy blend of aggressive rock and melody, combining well-crafted songs with explosive dynamics to take their listener on a journey. With a solid rhythm section, distorted guitar, and two contrasting vocalists, Faded Leroy creates their own soundscape borrowing elements from traditional rock n'roll, punk, and metal. With an emphasis on solid vocal melodies, catchy guitar hooks, and dynamic range, 'Days Between Stations' delivers it's own brand of rock, while also touching on themes such as self-reflection, conflict, and love.

1.1 Memes
1.2 The Way Out Is in
1.3 The Quest?
1.4 Through the Window Pane
1.5 Don't Microwave My Cheeseburger
1.6 Illusions
1.7 Aah Real Monsters
1.8 Aerodrone
1.9 Satori
1.10 Siamese Twin

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