Faenza / Peretti / Stabentheiner

Faenza / Peretti / Stabentheiner: Organ Works / Keyboard Tablatures

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Product Type: CD

Title: Organ Works / Keyboard Tablatures
Label: Tactus Records

The organist Pier Damiano Peretti - living in Vienna since 2009 as a teacher at the Universität (formerly Hochschule) für Musik und darstellende Kunst - on this album is tackling the very difficult organ pages of the well-known composer from Puglia, Biagio Putignano, using the valuable 1995 Mathis organ located in the Scottekirche in Vienna, with the help of the soprano Marie-Antoinette Stabentheiner performing Three Sacred Pieces. So, it seemed therefore logical in the conception of this album, to counterpoint the poetry of a "new Middle Ages" (U. Eco) obbligato music by Biagio Putignano, with excerpts from the earliest surviving Italian keyboard music collection, the 1420 Faenza Codex: secular intabulations of great ingenuity, which on the threshold of the modern era are enticed to silent, comfortable joy. For the performance of these pieces, Peretti uses a positive organ from the Neapolitan School of the eighteenth century belonging to St. Ursula Kirche in Vienna.

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