Fair Webber by Request

Fair Webber by Request: Fair Webber By Request

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Title: Fair Webber By Request
Label: CD Baby

Barb and Tom Webber have been performing original music for years, making lyrics and harmonies their calling card. Along came a playful percussionist, Lon Couillard, and a versitile bassist, Andy Waldoch, to form Fair Webber. Their music has gained faithful fans in southeastern Wisconsin. These fans, requested that Fair Webber release a CD of favorite cover tunes, interpreted in the Webber's unique style. Fair Webber by Request became a reality at a live concert in October of 2009, at Our Lady of Lourdes Coffee House, to a large energetic audience. Peg Kasun and Gary Kitchin joined the band on piano, harmonica, mandolin and recorder to add some very cool interpretations. This CD is earthy and ethereal at the same time, grabbing the the gamut of emotions. The audience wept at 'Keep Me in Your Heart' and left the concert humming the youngest tune, 'New Soul' The oldest tune is Fishing Blues, recorded in the 1920s by Henry Thomas and made famous by Taj Mahal. In between, Fair Webber visits the classics, like Folsum Prison Blues and Landslide, and nudges the listener to meet new artists like Joshua Radin and Grace Potter. Tanglewood Tree by the late Dave Carter has a mystical feel reminiscent of the early psychedelic folk-rock group, 'It's A Beautiful Day.' Fair Webber respectfully interpreted each song with a songwriter's sensitivity to ensure that the words and emotions are heard anew.

1.1 The Soul of a Man
1.2 What Am I to You
1.3 Tanglewood Tree
1.4 I'd Rather Be with You
1.5 Folsom Prison Blues
1.6 Thank You
1.7 If I Had a $1000000 Dollars
1.8 Keep Me in Your Heart
1.9 Me and Bobby McGee
1.10 Landslide
1.11 Fishing Blues
1.12 Please Come to Boston
1.13 Ragged Company
1.14 For What It's Worth
1.15 New Soul
1.16 City of New Orleans
1.17 Across the Great Divide

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