False Hope Fades: False Hope Fades EP

False Hope Fades: False Hope Fades EP
Title: False Hope Fades EP
Label: CD Baby

False Hope Fades, born in the Fall of 2012, proudly hails from the mighty city of Chicago. They are four unlikely characters that've united to create something soulful, passionate, and real. Rosie has a twisted marriage with her powerful melodic vocals and killer gruesome growls. Nick waltzes gracefully all over his bass strings with finesse and intuition. Kham's guitar playing drips with heaviness and groove. While Brian's drums guide the band with his energy and skill. Driven by their eager determination and broken hearts, FHF is out to make something new. Though influenced by many different artists From Tchaikovsky to Pantera. Anything can be inspiration, but False Hope Fades makes their own sound.

1.1 Coward
1.2 Clean
1.3 Words
1.4 Wake Up
1.5 Striven
1.6 Break

False Hope Fades: False Hope Fades EP

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