Far Country

Far Country: Wrecking Ball-EP

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Far Country

Title: Wrecking Ball-EP
Label: CD Baby

John & LIndsey Fuller of The Far Country gravitate towards minor sounds and write pop-rock music with country and folk undertones. On their debut EP titled 'Wrecking Ball,' the duo is backed by a full band. John says, 'these songs are meant to be big, that's why only a full band sound would do them justice in production.' Lindsey says, 'We write songs that reflect real life, but we write with hope - there should always be hope.' John & Lindsey put their marriage on display through songs like 'Marry Me,' a proposal song, & 'Open Arms,' a song about a fight that could have changed their marriage. Songs such as 'Alive in You' and 'Empty Grave' reflect their belief in God. 'Art reflects the artist, therefore we will always write songs that give a glimpse into our current chapter of life. It just so happens that we are married, we are Christians, and we are constantly in relationships with other people. These things are the color to our current works of art,' says Lindsey Fuller.

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