Fat White Family

Fat White Family: Songs for Our Mothers

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Product Type: CD

Title: Songs for Our Mothers
Label: Fat Possum Records

Fat White Family is arguably the greatest young rock band in the UK and this probably extends to the rest of the world as well. It won't come as news to anyone who has been to one of their regular Slide-In nights at their local pub and HQ, The Queens Head in Brixton, South London but for a band that only really coalesced as the Fat White Family in 2011, the six piece have already got several once-in-a-lifetime gigs under their belt. In December 2013 they rattled the walls of the legendary 100 Club, thus aligning themselves with the numerous legends who have trod the very same stage. The band summoned up the feral electric skronk blues of The Magic Band and The Birthday Party, the proto-punk pummeling of The Monks and The Modern Lovers and the twisted folk of Charles Manson and The Country Teasers.

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