Fear Ratio: Refuge of a Twisted Soul

Fear Ratio: Refuge of a Twisted Soul
Title: Refuge of a Twisted Soul
Label: Skam Uk
Product Type: VINYL LP

The Fear Ratio (Mark Broom and James Ruskin) present Refuge of a Twisted Soul, an album of sheer quality, and deep and heavy music. A truly prolific artist, Mark Broom has worked with world-renowned labels and artists for decades, beginning in the summer of 1989, when Broom landed in Tenerife on vacation and stumbled across the delights of the emerging sounds of Chicago and acid house. Returning to the UK, he immediately went in search of this newfound music, and bought a pair of turntables. With them a musical career was born. James Ruskin has been working in music since the early '90s, and is considered one of the leading artists of British electronic techno music, as both producer and DJ. Ruskin comes from a background that first put him in touch with hip hop and electro in the '80s and later with the emerging Detroit techno scenes, which inspired him to become a DJ in 1991 and then venture into production in 1994. Ruskin remains a vital element in the British techno scene.

1.1 Blood Soldiers
1.2 Sect
1.3 Hopper
1.4 Cam
1.5 7 Cycles
1.6 Blackboard Jungle
2.1 Ferm
2.2 Gba
2.3 Era
2.4 T15
2.5 Onefiveoooh

Fear Ratio: Refuge of a Twisted Soul

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