Feick's Device

Feick's Device: Still Busy Storing Away Fat for Your Trial By Fire

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Artist: Feick's Device

Artist: Feick's Device
Title: Still Busy Storing Away Fat for Your Trial By Fire

"Feick's Device don't sound quite like anything you've heard before. With a simple setup and a vicious approach, Feick's Device pound out heavy folk one minute and solemn dirges with a twist of pop the next. Combining musical courage and sensibilities inherited from artists like Nick Cave, the Dead Kennedys and TISM, Feick's Device scream, sing, wail and shriek out polyrhythmic melodies of intense beauty and abrasive charm." - triplejunearthed.com These five songs explore a broad range of styles, from thumping rock to classic art song to cinematic spaghetti western, but across the EP there is a unifying theme of outrage at waste in the face of impending doom, and the willingness of everyone to keep going with the cultural habits that keep us down.

1.1 The Bone Boiler
1.2 Admission
1.3 Deny
1.4 Summertime
1.5 Deny (Reprise)

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