Fernanda Lopez

Fernanda Lopez: #1

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Fernanda Lopez

Title: #1
Label: CD Baby

'Go and preach the Gospel' is what motivates this young lady to sing her heart out to the Lord everytime she can. Fernanda has been singing since her teenage years shortly after she fell in love with the Lord. Her approach to music is so personal as it is her experience with God. Her new album titled #1 which has songs in both English and Portuguese, is a demonstration of her love toward God which is the #1 and only! 'I decided to call my CD #1 because I needed to come up with a title that was common to both languages, so the symbol #1 came in handy. It's like calling my CD 'God'!' Throughout her musical growth she was inspired by many different styles and singers. She was influenced by the great voices of divas of the 90's, the amazing harmonies of negro spirituals, the vibrant swing of the Brazilian Bossa Nova, along with the traditional roots of the old church hymns. The result: #1 is filled with encouraging messages sang in a unique contemporary christian music feel. Fernanda studied vocal techniques and piano in the busy city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil where she was born. Soon she started singing in church groups and was being invited to travel and perform in events. A few years later in United States, she recorded her first single with hopes to mirror the same scenario of musical presentations while she was going through college. After this single opened up the first few doors for her ministry, Fernanda Lopez comes up with a much more mature and sophisticated approach in music. Breathtaking!

1.1 Vem Sobre Mim
1.2 Forgive Me
1.3 Simplesmente Amor
1.4 Worship You Forever
1.5 Pai Me Perdoe
1.6 Neste Lugar
1.7 If You Believe
1.8 Deus Me Deu Você
1.9 Thank You
1.10 Great Is Thy Faithfulness

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