Ferry Corsten

Ferry Corsten: Once Upon a Night 3

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Ferry Corsten

Title: Once Upon a Night 3
Label: Premier

Mixed by globally respected DJ, producer and electronic musician, Ferry Corsten, Once Upon a Night-Volume 3 consists of two discs of the most succulent, painstakingly selected trance, progressive-house and electro tracks to fly out of loudspeakers this year. Much more agile and thoughtful than the typical club mix of banging, anthemic tunes, OUAN3 instead paints an otherworldly story of a long night out where danger and mystery meet sex and bliss. OUAN3 is an aural tale that conjures deep memories while creating new ones and the double-disc compilation perfectly captures the tense excitement one feels right before embarking on a night on-the-town. Ferry Corsten is a master at crafting epic audio voyages and in Corsten's world, anything can happen.

1.1 One Tear Away
1.2 Greetings
1.3 Priceless Time
1.4 Tonight
1.5 K8
1.6 Love Comes
1.7 Any Direction [M.I.K.E. Vs. Revero Club Edit] [Edit]
1.8 Nobody's Going Anywhere
1.9 You
1.10 Crushed
1.11 Silfra
1.12 Give It to Them
1.13 Vocoder
1.14 Vodka
2.1 Avantgard
2.2 Path to Nowhere [Ferry Corsten Edit] [Edit]
2.3 E.D.M
2.4 Force of Gravity [Orjan Nilsen Remix]
2.5 Day Without Rain [Original Extended] [Version]
2.6 What It's Like [Loverush UK Remix]
2.7 Cambodia
2.8 Right Way
2.9 Mne [DJ Feel Remix]
2.10 Save the Day [Myon ; Shane 54 Summer of Love Mix]
2.11 7.07 [Tellur Remix]
2.12 Walking to the Stars
2.13 Stella
2.14 When You Were Around [Ferry Corsten Fix] [Version]

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