Festizio: Hot City

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Festizio

Title: Hot City
Label: CD Baby

"Taking aim at love and loss, Hot City shows a band growing from their self-titled debut... The moody electric wash is tight with structures that avoid lag or ostentatious solos. Festizio offers a heavy hand of late '80s New Age poised on melodic synths, catchy guitar hooks and quirky, heart-on-the-sleeve vocals. The song "Hard to Leave" has a conversational, unhurried rub with a nod to the Talking Heads. The song's background is hazily lit by distant, murmuring keyboards, rapping percussion and singer Keane Li's bold voice... Hot City is a cohesive sophomore release that showcases the group's affection toward edgy guitars, electronic flourishes and measured percussion. It's exciting to hear a band develop this much in only one album; Festizio has a sound that swells with potential." [Performer Magazine, December 2010]

1.1 Hot City
1.2 Hard to Leave
1.3 Keep
1.4 *
1.5 Always Reminds Me
1.6 Questions (You Should Never Ask)
1.7 Moving on

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